02/12/2013 – ACDP encourages nation to get tested for HIV and TB

January 6, 2014

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ACDP Parliament

Media Statement

Cheryllyn Dudley, MP and Whip


ACDP encourages nation to get tested for HIV and TB


ACDP Member of Parliament, Cheryllyn Dudley, today encouraged the nation to know their status and get tested for HIV and also be screened for TB even though they do not regard themselves as being at risk.

Dudley said, “It is our duty as responsible citizens to know our status and I believe that when testing becomes a regular practice for the majority of South Africa’s people we will no longer put off testing out of concern for what people may think.

“The ACDP is relieved to see a decline in AIDS-related mortality and pleased to see that this has significantly impacted mortality in South African children younger than 5 years which has decreased an estimated 6% to 10% since 2006. In 2005 – 37% to 39% of child deaths were attributable to AIDS. Increased efforts and a commitment to preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission – plus expanded availability of antiretroviral therapies have resulted in substantial mortality decreases during the past 5 years.”

According to the National Aids Council, the country has six-million people living with HIV, a third of whom are on treatment. In 2012, there were an estimated 370 000 new HIV infections and 240 000 Aids deaths. South Africa has the biggest HIV treatment programme in the world, with about 2.4-million people on treatment.

Dudley added that, “While 20-million people have been tested for HIV in South Africa, the challenges we still face include greater accountability of individuals to know their status and to prioritise lifestyles which do not put themselves or others at risk, shortages of medicines and mismanagement in the health sector. While we have come a long way in just a few recent years – we cannot afford to lessen our focus and determination to contain this debilitating disease.”


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