07/01/2014 – ACDP Youth Foundation congratulates class of 2013 but concerned by standard set by Department of Education

January 7, 2014

Education, Youth

Media Release

Ntokozo Zama

ACDP Youth Foundation – National Chairman


ACDP Youth Foundation congratulates class of 2013 but concerned by standard set by Department of Education


ACDP YF National Chairman Ntokozo Zama has applauded the work shown by the class of 2013 with achieving the 78.2% pass mark. This has set a good bench mark for the class of 2014 to achieve a greater result. Their work starts now and not at the final examinations. Zama also said he has concern about the standard set by the department, with a 30% pass mark for the leaners to achieve a pass. Zama said “ the pass rate might be up, but how many learners are equipped for further education institutes with these marks?” About 31% qualify, but in todays job market, is that enough, especially in light of the 1/3 drop out rate at tertiary instututions after 1st year. Zama also said “the department must not indirectly encourage learners to choose the easy way out by taking Maths literacy instead of doing proper Maths that would afford them better opportunities. More learners exceling at Maths and Science would directly address the shortage of qualified engineers, accountants and scientists in our country

The current curriculum which is offered to our learners doesn’t do justice to the natural resources which our country has an abundance of, but can’t be harnessed to create wealth and jobs for South Africans. This could be a solution to the high level of unemployment which our country faces. Zama went to say: “We are out-sourcing jobs to other nations, when we should be building this expertise in mining and agriculture in our students. We even export our gold, diamonds, copper and zinc just to name a few at a low value and import them back at a high value.”

Zama concluded by saying that, “Education is the key to a greater future and more than any other department, this department needs to do everything in its’ capacity to make sure of that, and the Treasury has been generous with it’s budget. We need accountable people in leadership that will deliver to the outcry of our nation. To fix poverty, we must first fix education, to fix unemployment, we must first fix education. Let’s hope that this doesn’t fall on deaf ears but the government of today will take the future of our country to heart.


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