10/06/2015 – Basic Education Vote

June 17, 2015

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10 June 2015

Basic Education Vote
Cheryllyn Dudley MP ACDP

The ACDP would like to take this opportunity to highlight education challenges still facing children with disabilities.

The education of children with disabilities relies heavily on accessibility, correct infrastructure, suitably qualified teachers and assistive devices – if mainstreaming is to be successful these are non-negotiable. The cost implications are of course significant and it will be this – and future budgets that will or won’t make the needed difference.

With the world changing so rapidly, the skills required to carry out work in the 21st century are changing and it is crucial that we ensure skills based education for children with disabilities changes too. There have been calls – for example – for a centre which will train youth and parents in entrepreneurial and income generating skills; courses related to bookkeeping and business development, green skills, IT and career management skills, which include social adaptability, communication, interpersonal skills, positive attitude building, a stable work ethic, and ability for lifelong learning.

These are topics which should of course be compulsory for all learners, to align them with current shifts and tendencies in the world of work and self-employment but given the discrimination and stigma that surrounds people with disabilities, especially in the world of work, social adaptability becomes crucial.

While the ACDP is not convinced this budget will be adequate in terms of significantly addressing these issues we appreciate the huge commitment and work being done by the department and recognize that quality education requires equal commitment from learners, teachers, parents and communities alike.

The ACDP will be supporting this budget vote.


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