12/03/2012 – ACDP questions why funding cut to NPO’s and anti-corruption measures in KZN Budget


KwaZulu-Natal, 12 March 2013 – Speaking from the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature today, The African Christian Democratic Party’s Jo-Ann Downs (MPL) said that the KwaZulu-Natal Budget was generally a good one given the reduction in the allocation to KZN.

“There are some areas where the ACDP would have made very different choices. The MEC stated that departments were limited to 2 events per month with a maximum of R1 million per event. This could equate to R240 million, which should be allocated to NPOs dealing with child welfare and rape. 34% of unauthorized expenditure from last year related to events with tents, catering and busses. There are more efficient ways of communicating with the citizens of KZN.”

“The ACDP noted the increase of events during the local government elections which were nothing more than thinly disguised electioneering campaigns. The same applies this year. If the government is serious about fighting social problems it must allocate a budget to this. Instead the MEC stated that the NPO budget allocation has decreased.”

“The increase of R18 million for audit and forensic investigations is a drop in the ocean if you consider a budget of R89 billion. The integrity unit in the Premiers Department has received no increase. The Premier promised anti – corruption legislation in last years State of the Province address and we have not seen it yet. We believe that to really fight corruption the units must be adequately funded.”

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