14/02/2013 – ACDP expectations of State of the Nation Address

ACDP Parliament

Media Release

ACDP President – Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, MP

14 February 2013

Occasion of the State Of Nation Address


Violent strikes, widespread corruption and increasing sexual violence paints SA an ‘unattractive investor destination’


ACDP President and Member of Parliament, Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, today on the occasion of the State Of Nation Address brought across his expectations of President Jacob Zuma’s address:


“The ACDP trusts that President Jacob Zuma will be honest and frank with the poor state of the nation in certain areas. We have severe challenges when it comes to education, health, service delivery, crime and corruption, as well as widespread unemployment and poverty compounded by a global economic slowdown.


We expect President Zuma to give an indication as to the massive infrastructure development programme which he announced last year. It is imperative for our economy to get a stimulus that will enable our country to be more competitive on the global scale. The president also has to address the breakdown in collective bargaining which has resulted in unrest in the mining sector leading to the Marikana massacre and investor uncertainty.


We are concerned about recent violent strikes that have painted South Africa as an ‘unattractive investment destination’. This hinders the country from securing much needed foreign investments. We want to know how the president will prove to investors that their assets will be protected when the recent farm workers’ strike saw many assets destroyed. If there is minimum foreign investment in South Africa – poverty and unemployment will always be on the rise.


The country is outraged at high level of rape against our vulnerable women and children, highlighted in the recent rape, mutilation and murder of Bredasdorp teenager Annene Booysen. Last year an eight-year-old girl was raped in Kwa-Zulu Natal. There were news reports that her eye was gouged out. Until today we have not heard about anyone who was convicted for this heinous crime. It looks like incidents of rape are increasing in the country and we expect the president to indicate what steps government intends taking to address the scourge of sexual violence in our country.


We expect the president to address the widespread corruption, particularly regarding state tenders. It’s important that he should come clean on the Nkandla scandal. If there is no transparency on the development of his homestead – there will be no transparency in other departments’ functions and corruption will not be eradicated.


The Department of Public Works’ Annual Report for 2011/2012 revealed that more than R4.6 billion of state assets is unaccounted for. This clearly is not a sign of a healthy economy that should be expected to attract investors. If government cannot protect its own assets how will it protect assets of foreign investors?


Government has introduced the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme. We are aware that many state hospitals and clinics do not have enough nurses and doctors to give efficient service to the sick. We want to know how the NHI can be successfully implemented when we still have chronic shortage of medical staff. Another critical issue would be what government intends to doing about the loss of medical staff to countries that apparently have better working conditions.


We are still concerned about poor performance of our schools when compared to schools in poorer countries – such as Zimbabwe and Malawi. We need to know whether government has any strategy to improve the national pass rate and better the results of students who have subjects such as mathematics and science.



South Africa requires strong leadership to address the many challenges facing it at this juncture. Surely it is not too much to ask President Zuma to provide that leadership today in his address and not pander to narrow political party interests.”



Media enquiries:

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