21/07/2014 – ACDP concerned about low conviction rate of criminals in SA

ACDP Parliament
Police Budget Vote 25
Speech by ACDP President Rev Kenneth Meshoe, MP

ACDP concerned about low conviction rate of criminals in SA


The ACDP is concerned about low conviction rate of criminals in our country. One of the reasons could be poor training that leads to poor investigations. Corruption in the police negatively affects the morale of those officers who are committed to protecting our people and doing their best to make our streets safer. Hon Minister, I report my plea to you to root out criminals and corrupt officers in police uniform.

The ACDP is also concerned about the increasing number of police officers who are killed by criminals, some of them dressed in police uniform.

The killing of Major-General Thirani Maswanganyi last year is even more worrying because some corrupt police officers have allegedly been implicated in his assassination. It was reported that the late Major-General Maswanganyi, who was a trusted and known corruption buster, was busy investigating cases involving corrupt police officers before he was killed.

The man who pleaded guilty to killing this hero and great example in the community has implicated police officers who are reported to have been plotting to kill the investigators probing Maswanganyi’s death.

Honourable Minister, please do not allow an undesirable new culture to develop where detectives and investigators would need protection from corrupt police officers in the SAPS. The ACDP says “purge all criminals in police uniform.” There should be no mercy for police officers who commit serious crimes that include colluding with criminals against their own colleagues.

What an indictment when a columnist says, and I quote, “when I’m driving at night and see those flashing blue lights, a fist of fear tightens around my gut” – and – “the SAPS brand has been irreparably damaged for me. The trust is gone, and now I look at the police and the criminals and wonder if there is any difference. Except some of them wear a uniform.”

How will community members who are always asked to work with the police know how to differentiate between a genuine police officer and a police officer who is a criminal in a police uniform? Clean up the SAPS Minister!

Many of today’s newspapers have as their main articles, stories of car hijackings involving children and stories of rape.  The most tragic story is about a hijacking that took place in Reiger Park in Ekurhuleni, where hijackers drove off with a 4-year old boy dangling from his mother’s car as his foot was trapped in a seat beat. The hijacked car was found abandoned one and a half hours later 4 kilometers down the road, with the innocent child, Taegrin Morris, dead next to the car. The ACDP wants to convey our deepest sympathy to Taegrin’s parents, Chantel and Elwin Morris, as well as all their relatives and friends.”


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