25/11/2015 – Environmental Affairs: Statement on Climate Change: National Impact & International Negotiations

November 26, 2015


Cheryllyn 4ACDP Parliament

Environmental Affairs: Statement on Climate Change: National Impact & International Negotiations

By Cheryllyn Dudley, MP and Whip

Nuclear waste should concern us more

The ACDP thanks you Honourable Minister for a rational approach to issues of ‘Climate Change’ – an approach that does not ignore development and job creation.
An interesting perspective on Climate change argued by engineer and energy expert Andrew Kenny – based on facts that many are not aware of – is that: our planet faces many serious environmental problems, but manmade climate change is not one of them. For the sake of our planet and of the poor people who live on it, we need to end this unfounded and extravagant belief, and turn to science and reason to protect our environment from the many real threats that it confronts.

The belief that mankind is raising global temperatures dangerously by increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air has become a ruling conviction of the modern age. It provides funding and careers for large numbers of activists, bureaucrats and politicians around the world. But basic physics shows that CO2, a weak greenhouse gas, can never have an important effect on temperatures. Observation confirms this.

The climate is always changing. It has been changing since the Earth came into existence. Given changes in the Sun, changes in the Earth’s orbit, changes in the Earth’s continents, changes in the Earth’s geology, and the Earth’s continual rotation, changes will happen. CO2 is also changing, but changes in CO2 have never been seen to have any significant effect on global temperatures.

The slight warming of the 20th Century, which – by the way – stopped in around 1996, was no different from the Mediaeval Warm Period a thousand years ago, when temperatures were higher than they are now. This warm period, like others before it in the Earth’s history, was entirely natural.

There is also no basis in science for the notion that rising CO2 increases the frequency or severity of extreme weather events (floods, droughts, storms, cyclones, extreme heat, extreme cold, and so on). Observation over the last 50 years shows no such increase.

CO2 is entirely clean, safe, and natural. It is NOT a pollutant. On the contrary, it is essential to the plant life upon which we all depend. Without it the human race and all other higher mammals would perish. It is a wonderful gas, and its levels are now extremely low in the history of planet Earth, probably dangerously low.

The ACDP is of the view that the risks associated with nuclear and nuclear waste should concern us more.


Nations are working toward a new global climate change agreement to be ratified in Paris in Dec this year.  The broad outlines of the emerging agreement reflect a new model of international climate governance blending “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches to achieve both broad participation and stronger action.

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