26/02/2013 – ACDP asks minister to deal with criminals in police uniform after highlighting reports of Rape


ACDP asks minister to deal with criminals in police uniform after highlighting reports of rape


26 February 2013, ACDP President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe: “On Sunday after our church service, a young lady with a month old baby in her arms came to ask for prayer. She told my wife that she was raped by a young man visiting their neighbour. When she was asked whether she reported the matter to the police, she said her mother advised her against reporting because she was afraid that the rapist would come back to kill them after his release on bail.

Thousands of victims of rape in our country have similar stories to tell. They are afraid to open cases against their abusers who always threaten to kill them if they report their crimes. As a result and according to the Medical Research Council’s latest research, only one in twenty-five women in Gauteng report rape.

Last year, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate informed the Police Portfolio Committee that about 35% of the complaints they receive from the public are about the failure of the SAPS to arrest perpetrators of violence and abuse. Why should our people be told to report criminal activity when in some cases, police allegedly refuse to open cases? Why should they be told to blow the whistle on crime and corruption when the state fails to protect whistleblowers and apprehend perpetrators of crime?

Crime statistics released last year for the period April 2011 to march 2012 revealed a decrease in reported sexual crimes. This is very sad as it reveals a growing lack of confidence and trust in our police.

This past week, a woman who went to report a domestic violence case at the Herbertsdale satellite police station was allegedly raped at the police station by the police constable who was supposed to help her. In future, when this lady thinks of a police stations, will she think of it as a place of safety or a dangerous place where victims of abuse are raped?

In the Northern Cape, a woman who asked for a lift home from a policeman, thinking she would arrive home safely, was raped by the same policeman she trusted.

According to the Police Minister, in the year 2011/2012, 91 SAPS members were charged with rape.

Where should our people turn for help if they cannot turn to the police? When will these crimes committed by members of the SAPS come to an end?

The ACDP appeals to the Minister of Police to urgently deal with criminals in police uniform and to use all the available resources to prioritise restoring public confidence in the police before South Africa turns into a lawless republic.”

Media enquiries: Keeno Petersen, Media Liaison Officer, ACDP – Parliament, Tel: 021-403-3307 or Cell: 076-734-9067 or Email: kpetersen@parliament.gov.za

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