28/10/2013 – ACDP labels trend in children being killed by their own mothers shocking and tragic

October 30, 2013

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ACDP Parliament

Cheryllyn Dudley, MP and Whip


ACDP labels trend in children being killed by their own mothers shocking and tragic


Cheryllyn Dudley, ACDP MP and Whip

The ACDP today responded to a Sunday Times news report which indicates that police have seen a trend emerge where more children are being killed by their mothers.

ACDP Member of Parliament, Cheryllyn Dudley said: “When the culture and laws of a country protect and celebrate a woman’s right to discard her unborn child – why does it surprise us when mothers take the liberty of killing their children after birth as well? It is of course tragic and shocking but to be expected – our culture and Laws must change!”

Family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit operational head Brigadier Bafana Linda told the newspaper, “We are seeing more children dying at the hands of their mothers.

“This is extremely worrying. How do the police prevent a child from getting killed in the place where they are presumed to be the most safe?” The unit secured 499 life sentence convictions over the past financial year alone, Linda said. A World Health Organisation study released in May stated that 1018 child murders took place in South Africa in 2009, the newspaper reported. Over a third, 35.5%, were killed by an acquaintance and nearly 30% by their mothers. Nearly half, 45.9%, took place in a public space, 34% in the victim’s home, while girls were more likely to be killed at home than boys. Of the children murdered, 43% were cared for by single mothers and 29.8% by both parents.

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