5/06/2014 – ‘Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s speech misinterpreted’ – Rev Kenneth Meshoe

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement
ACDP President Rev Kenneth Meshoe, MP

‘Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s speech misinterpreted’ – Rev Kenneth Meshoe

ACDP President and Member of Parliament, Rev Kenneth Meshoe, today responded to statements about the speech on Law & Religion delivered by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng at the University of Stellenbosch last week.

Rev Meshoe says, “After reading statements and hearing comments regarding the speech on Law and Religion, delivered by the Chief Justice, I have concluded that many have misinterpreted and misunderstood what the Chief Justice was trying to communicate”.

“The Chief Justice clearly stated in his speech that, ‘The critical question we are called upon to grapple with is how the interplay between law and religion could yield a product that is for the common good of all in Africa’s pluralistic societies’.

“Indeed as he correctly said, ‘All of us, including religious people, should contribute to the renaissance of Africa’.

“I believe that we can become a better people if religious beliefs such as honesty, integrity, respect, reconciliation and transparency could be allowed to influence the laws that govern our daily lives.

“South Africans who are concerned about the high levels of violent crime, rape and abuse of women and children, corruption, maladministration, dishonesty, integrity and injustice, would not find it offensive if common religious values, such as those referred to above, are incorporated into the laws that govern our country.”

The ACDP President added that, “Those who are opposed to these values that are taught in the scriptures, should come with alternative solutions to the problems we face as a country, such as murder and abuse of women and children, rather than merely criticize the Chief Justice, who is calling on South Africans to contribute towards a better and safer South Africa.”

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