8/11/2013 – ACDP calls for independent audit of crime statistics

November 15, 2013

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ACDP Parliament
Media Release
Wayne Thring, MP, ACDP Parliamentary Leader

ACDP calls for independent audit of crime statistics

The ACDP today called for an independent and in-depth audit of crime statistics by a body that is neutral to SAPS and the government, which will bring much needed objectivity. This will ensure reliable analysis of the crime situation in SA.

It has been reported by the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) that the crime statistics released by the SA Police Service were wrong for the 2012/2013 statistics. Gareth Newham, who heads the governance, crime and justice division at the ISS, stated that they were aware that there is some level of manipulation of crime statistics at police station level, and there have been some prosecutions regarding that. But the issue at hand is the level of misrepresentation of crime at national level.

Crimes such as murders were calculated against a population of 100 000, and the crime statistics were therefore calculated against a ratio and estimate that did not add up. By not updating the population, the police had understated the increase in serious and violent crimes.

The police used old and outdated population estimates of 2001. The changing crime ratios were not matched with the new population ratio. The issue with this trend is that where serious crimes such as murder, robbery and assault were indicated to have gone down, raw statistics indicated that they had gone up.

There should not be a level of confusion between the ISS and SAPS, as their stats should correlate with each other. What this misrepresentation does is further discredit SAPS and the real fight against crime in SA. The SAPS stands by the stats it released in September and states that they followed all the necessary steps to calculate and therefore release accurate stats to the public.

The ACDP is of the belief that for as long as crime statistics are not reflective of the real nature of crime in South Africa, the police service will not be able to tailor crime prevention, management and response accordingly.

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