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Our goal is to reach 1,500,000 votes.

Who's pledging

David Hall
Frankquit Jooste
Hendrien Koekemoer
Leroy Singh
Joanne Hathrill
Sonja Goris
Amanda Le Roux
Marco Belcher
Bernard Hathrill
Lucian Forlee
Rahab Maja
Ronel Ward
Johann van Zyl
Jeantelle Price
Godfrey Seale
Lizelle Van der Walt
Barend De jager
Amanda De Lange
Cecile Fourie
Ielse Seale
Niel Lambrechts
John-Michael Tawse
Lizette Venter
Chris Stange
Sizwe Rala
Rob Wylde
Vanessa Klopper
Marlene Venter
250,000 Pledged Votes

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