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27 years have passed since the dawn of South Africa’s democratic dispensation with its promise of a free and brighter future for all. Yet today we see ever-increasing levels of corruption and mismanagement at the municipal level and poor, inefficient service delivery to our communities.

The protracted Covid-19 lockdown has also severely constrained some of our personal freedoms and left businesses – especially small businesses – under extraordinary pressure to survive. Many South Africans have lost their jobs as a result and have joined the ranks of those already struggling and living well below the poverty line.

In addition, many South Africans say they feel unsafe and are afraid of becoming the target of opportunistic criminals who do not fear the law. Women, children, and the elderly remain especially vulnerable, as do our farmers and their workers.

As a party with a strong Biblical foundation, the ACDP seeks to honour God and put you and your needs at the centre of our policies. We are determined to address critical issues without fear or favour and are here to serve you and help you fully realise the South Africa you deserve; a South Africa ripe with opportunities in which you and your family can flourish and grow.

South Africans are fully aware of the failures of their local municipalities and we are determined to fix them.



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ACDP statement on weekend tavern killings

ACDP Parliament Media Statement By ACDP Deputy President, Wayne Thring MP ACDP statement on weekend tavern killings The ACDP calls for swift action to be taken by all crime fighting agencies, against perpetrators of the gruesome mass killings at taverns, occurring most weekends over the last two months. It cannot become a norm, where every weekend we wake up to news that lives of ordinary South Africans have been lost due to mass shootings by anonymous killers. We have seen these in almost all of our provinces, and in recent times, an increase in KZN and Gauteng. Having said that,

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ACDP extends condolences to family of Jessie Duarte

ACDP Parliament Motion of Condolence By ACDP Deputy President, Wayne Thring MP ACDP extends condolences to family of Jessie Duarte The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) extends its condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of the late ANC Deputy Secretary-General Yasmin "Jessie" Duarte. Jessie, as she was affectionately known to many, passed away after a long battle with cancer. She will be remembered, especially by her political colleagues, as an activist, political leader and a struggle stalwart. Additionally, in the words of those close to her, she was a no-nonsense, straight talker, dedicated to improving the lives of her

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ACDP calls for urgent intervention and easing of red tape in the ongoing energy crisis

ACDP Parliament Media Statement Speech by ACDP Parliamentary Whip, Steve Swart MP ACDP calls for urgent intervention and easing of red tape in the ongoing energy crisis The ACDP calls for urgent intervention in the energy crisis, including easing the red tape for emergency power procurement, scrapping the 100MW ceiling on distributed generation projects, and bringing in of experienced engineers and technicians. ACDP MP and Whip Steve Swart has called for urgent intervention in the ongoing energy crisis, including the easing of red tape to speed up private sector renewable energy investment. “The ACDP shares deep concerns about the ongoing

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