We cry for our country and its women !!

We cry for our country and its women !!

The ACDP would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Lizette and Hettie Deacon. Our country has been devastated and shattered as we lose two citizens, who have made such a great contribution to their community. The reports of their staff as reported in news articles, create the impression of empathetic and warm employers.

We must stand here as one nation, and emphasize the high cost of crime on the stability and security of South Africa. Here we stand again, barely a week from Women’s Month at the double murder of two businesswomen, and entrepreneurs.

The human cost of this tragedy is underlined by the double murder – a mother and her daughter and the brutal circumstances of the crime!

It is shocking that while we are singing women’s rights in South Africa, the right to life is being taken away from women on a daily basis; now two more women have been deprived of the right to life, in a barbaric manner. They’re people who have made an economic and social difference!

Our country is in crisis, and fundamental changes must take place. The ACDP calls on the government to quickly locate and bring to justice the criminals who killed these innocent women. Much more needs to be done to protect our citizens, and especially women and children. An apathetic response is not going to help. Discussions should be held on stricter sentencing, as well as around the death penalty. The current sentence clearly does not serve as a sufficient deterrent.

This country is in mourning and we need to hold urgent talks at all levels of our society. Crime prevention, and community safety is a priority throughout the country! There is no community that is not plagued by figures of violence !! The politicization of things cannot be tolerated, and moral leadership must be shown at all levels of our society. This is a requirement if we want to stop the flow and bring about change.

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