ACDP Welcomes The Arrests Of Top Officials

ACDP Welcomes The Arrests Of Top Officials

ACDP welcomes arrests of top officials involved in R230 million Free State asbestos housing scandal

Statement by Wayne Thring MP, ACDP Deputy President

ACDP welcomes arrests of top officials involved in R230 million Free State asbestos housing scandal

The African Christian Democratic Party welcomes the arrests of top officials involved in the R230 million Free State asbestos housing scandal.

The project came to a total of R21 million, but the awarded tender was to the tune of R230 million.

These arrests come after the testimony of businessman Edwin Sodi at the Zondo Commission where he confirmed making payments to government officials to secure the highly inflated tender.

The ACDP has historically criticised the slow action at the Zondo Commission, which has raked up a bill of over R800 million so far, with no real action taken. We understand the importance of due process, but South Africans now deserve, and demand, swift and decisive action when it comes to crimes that involve state resources, government officials, and departments.

The ACDP is appalled by the move made by former President Zuma asking for Judge Zondo to recuse himself. If there are familial and personal connections between the Judge and Mr Zuma, these should have been revealed by both at the appointment of the Judge under Zuma’s leadership.

The state capture enquiry has dragged on for long enough and has cemented what we all know is the truth: the ruling party has failed to lead this country with integrity and resolve.

The unemployment statistics released this week, revealed a sobering figure of 20.6 million South Africans, aged between 15-64 years, who are not economically active in the second quarter. The highest percentage of the unemployed is the youth, aged 15-34, making up 82% of the total unemployed.

While the ruling party fight amongst themselves, misappropriating state funds and showing more and more disdain for South Africans, there is a real socio-economic crisis brewing that cannot be fixed by giving out food parcels and other temporary relief measures.

South Africa needs a serious overhaul and a thorough rebuilding process. The process starts with key policy intervention that addresses the current economic malaise, including political and policy uncertainty. Thereafter political will is needed to drive implementation, accompanied by transparency and accountability mechanisms that monitor the action of key interventions.

The ACDP stands ready to implement the above. It is time for change.

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