Sign Off the National Plan of Action for Children

Sign Off the National Plan of Action for Children

The ACDP, with the utmost urgency, calls on the sixth Parliament to act in the best interest of our children by signing off on the National Plan of Action for Children.

The inevitable victims of a society in crisis are the weak and vulnerable, of which children are the most exposed.

This is evident in a report by UNICEF that South Africa is reportedly the most violent country for children. There is not a day in this country where violence against children does not make the headlines.

Our biggest asset is not the minerals in the ground, but the children we bring into this world. They are the owners of the future we create.

You could add this after “…we create.”

As the late Tata Nelson Mandela once said, “Our children are the rock on which our future will be built. Our greatest asset as a nation.”

Statement by Marie Sukers .MP

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