We Say No To Farm Murders

We Say No To Farm Murders

The ACDP calls on President Cyril Ramaphosa, along with the ministers of police, justice, and agriculture, to declare farm murders as priority crimes.

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has called on the government to act on farm murders after the latest incident in the area of Normandien, KwaZulu-Natal.

A couple from KwaZulu-Natal, Glen and Vida Rafferty, were shot dead on their farm in Normandien, along with their dog.

We condemned the attack and called for the restoration of the Farmer Commando Units.

“The ACDP condemns the senseless killing of the couple as we believe that South Africa will edge closer to a food insecurity crisis if the government continues to allow for our farmers to be killed,” Meshoe said.

“While implementing measures to provide optimum protection on farms in order to protect South African lives, and to ensure that justice is served.

“In addition, the ACDP has, for the longest time, called for the restoration of farmer commando units to increase the safety of those living and working on our farms,” he added.

The ACDP president further reiterated farmers and their workers’ lives needed to be protected regardless of their race.

“We believe that the restoration of farmer commando units can bring down the number of farm attacks, and could be a vital part of the solution to putting an end to farm attacks in South Africa.

“The protection of those that provide us with food is paramount. South Africa is not in a position where we can easily afford to import food stuff at high costs, due to our weakened economy.

“If we are to curb farm murders and protect our people, President Ramaphosa must break his silence on the issue, lead, and act decisively against those who attack and kill our farmers, and threaten our food security,” he said.

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