Congratulations to the class of 2020 – major challenges will be faced by the Class of 2021

Congratulations to the class of 2020 – major challenges will be faced by the Class of 2021

23 February 2021

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement on The Release of the Matric Results 2020
By Marie Sukers MP

  • ACDP congratulates the Class of 2020, their parents, teachers and the National and Provincial Departments on the results achieved in spite of the disruptions caused by COVID-19
  • Acknowledges the sacrifices made by all in the education sector and in particular those who lost their lives
  • Performance of the Western Cape is a cause for concern
  • Warns that the 2021 Matric Class was severely impacted by COVID as curriculum coverage in Grade 11 was poor
  • Calls on the DBE to be innovative and explore all options in supporting the Class of 2021

The ACDP congratulates each and every student along with their families who persevered through a very difficult year and supported their child(ren) to write their Matric exams. We wish those who are moving into higher education all success. To those who have not achieved the results that they aimed for, we want to encourage them to persevere.

“By writing your Matric exams under very difficult circumstances you have already shown your fortitude. Do not give up now! The measure of success is not succeeding at the first time you attempt to achieve something, but by continuing to push until you succeed”.

Marie Sukers – MP

The sacrifices made by the class of 2020 and their families were matched by the sacrifices made by many dedicated and selfless educators. Educators who had to innovate, and find new ways of educating – and to do so without adequate resources and training. A number of these educators have made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives to give the class of 2020 a future. Our celebrations will be tempered by remembering these heroes. However, we cannot just remember, we have to change the system to make it more able to adapt. This needs radical legislative reform and the ACDP commits itself to work towards this. We cannot again afford to pay the price in lives that we have this year to secure an education for our learners.

The pandemic has impacted the vulnerable, middle-income, and poor to a greater extent than those who have more alternatives.  This has to be addressed on a holistic level that integrates the work of the Department of Social Development, Health, and other branches of government. The 2021 municipal elections will afford us an opportunity to start addressing these problems from the ground up.

Of particular concern is the performance of Western Cape Education Department. While the ACDP acknowledges that the Western Cape does a better job than many other provinces in retaining learners in the system, a province with the advantages of the Western Cape should be the leading performer in the country, year on year. In particular, learners from poor and vulnerable middle-income families need more support.

It is very likely that when winter arrives the Western Cape will again be more severely impacted than any other province. Without strong pro-poor and pro-middle income level programmes, the Class of 2021 will continue to suffer and we will see an increase in social ills such as gangsterism and drug abuse in the Western Cape.

The Class of 2021 is the Grade 11 class of 2020. Curriculum coverage of the Grade 11 curriculum was poor. As we know it, it is a learner’s work in Grade 11 that solidifies the foundation for success in his or her Matric year. The DBE needs to be innovative and explore all options of support now. All stakeholders must be involved in developing solutions, at every stage of planning, to ensure that we give the Class of 2021 the best support possible, so that we can congratulate them on a significantly improved performance this time next year.

For media enquiries please contact Marie Sukers MP, Cell: 062-338-1156.



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