Beef up security along our border with Mozambique , SA Govt – says ACDP

Beef up security along our border with Mozambique , SA Govt – says ACDP

ACDP wants South Africa and Mozambique to cooperate to deal with religious extremism.

The ACDP raises, yet again, its concerns over the developing genocide taking place in Northern Mozambique. This is intolerable and must not be allowed to continue. The ACDP is aware of the socio-economic imbalances that exist in the Northern province of Caba Delgado. When any government colludes with big business at the expense of its people, it is a recipe for disaster. When foreign business interests trump local interest and the youth remain unemployed, impoverished and angry, this becomes the breeding group for radical extremism. The democratic principles of equity, transparency and accountability must apply equally to all citizens of Mozambique.

Last year, at a sitting of the National Assembly, Hon Wayne Thring, ACDP Deputy President, spoke about the ACDP’s condemnation of the brutal attacks by Islamic insurgents, who according to reports were systematically targeting and killing Christians and burning down their places of worship. Once again, the ACDP raises its condemnation for the brutal and murderous attacks which have taken place in Palma, in the Northern Mozambican Province of Caba Delgado.

Over 750 000 Mozambicans have been displaced and thousands killed since the insurgency began a few years ago. Recently, a South African citizen was killed, allegedly, by the Islamist extremist group, AL Shabaab. The ACDP calls on the South African government to beef up its security along our borders with Mozambique. In addition, while recognizing that Mozambique is a sovereign state, both South Africa and Mozambique must find ways of mutual cooperation in dealing with this scourge of religious extremism that has become intolerant to any other religious groups and a law unto themselves.

We furthermore call on all peace-loving and law-abiding sectors, be it religious or civil society, to condemn these heinous attacks on innocent civilians in Northern Mozambique.

Rev. Kenneth Meshoe – ACDP MP


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