ACDP says Africa will benefit from Israel’s new observer status at the AU

ACDP says Africa will benefit from Israel’s new observer status at the AU

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) welcomes the African Union’s (AU) decision to grant Israel observer status. We believe this is a wise decision from which Africa will benefit.

I hasten to remind those who oppose the AU’s decision, that in the 1960s when many African countries had diplomatic relations and strong economic ties with Israel, African countries prospered from their innovation and their monetary currencies were as strong as the US dollar and as a result, their poverty levels were very low.

We applaud the AU for putting the well-being of African people and the economic prospects of their member states before narrow political agendas propelled by what appears to be hatred for the people of Israel.

Africa would benefit from the Israeli ingenuity and innovation in countering the terrorist threat, not least of all in our neighbouring Mozambique.

The ACDP does not agree with the South African government’s opposition as we believe such a position will not improve the economies of African nations as in the 60s.

We love the people of Africa and we want to see them prosper.

We encourage African governments to form stronger economic ties with Israel for the benefit of their people.

Regardless of what the enemies of Israel say, people that have been in Israel, including me, have concluded that there is no apartheid in Israel, and those that continually say so are trivializing the seriousness and inhuman treatment that we suffered under apartheid, South Africa.



The African Christian Democratic Party welcomes and supports the call by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for people who have been threatened with losing their jobs or rented accommodation for refusing to have a Covid-19 vaccine to come forward.

ACDP MP Marie Sukers encourages all persons who feel prejudiced, by his or her employer’s decision to make vaccination mandatory, to submit a complaint to the SAHRC at

According to the SAHRC’s Gauteng head, Buang Jones, the commission hopes that this will assist to explore the available legalities to best address situations affecting employees and the implicated employers.

The commission says that this is an intervention that seeks to protect rights and hear the position of employers on this very important issue.

Complaints have already been received by the SAHRC from people who have been told they will be dismissed or evicted from where they stay if they do not take the vaccine. These are people who have serious misgivings about the vaccine.

Last month, a consolidated direction on occupational health and safety measures issued by employment and labour minister Thulas Nxesi said: “Employers should find a reasonable resolution that accommodates all parties where employees refuse to be vaccinated for medical and constitutional grounds.

“The key principle of these guidelines is that employers and employees should treat each other with mutual respect. A premium is placed on public health imperatives, the constitutional rights of employees and the efficient operation of the employer’s business.”




A Democratic Alliance Member of Parliament, Shadow Minister of Health and National Spokesperson Siviwe Gwarube plans to introduce a bill to make counselling of teenagers to overcome ‘same-sex attraction’ a criminal offence.

The LGBT movement calls this ‘conversion therapy’. If this bill became law, then pastors, parents, psychologists, teachers who try to pray for or counsel such teens under 18 can be criminally prosecuted. And no, don’t think this is far fetched – it has happened overseas – despite the fact that people with same-sex attraction ask for help.

Her motivation reads: “South Africa has, since the dawn of democracy in our country, made huge progress in the legal protection of the LGBTIQ+ community in our country. Unfortunately, conversion therapy, a pseudo-science approach to ‘curing’ children of homosexuality is still rife in South Africa.

A wide number of international institutions, health practitioners, activists, and religious leaders have underlined the severe impacts of conversion therapy on children including depression, risks of suicide, loss of self-esteem, and deep trauma.”

Gwarube on her Twitter profile describes herself as an ‘unrepentant feminist’.

In 2020 the Democratic Alliance Federal Congress passed a motion in favour of such a law.

At the same time, the Western Cape Education Department is proposing a policy encouraging schools to refer children with gender confusion to LGBT favouring Non-Profits and counsellors, without parental consent.

The effect of the policy plus the bill if they both come into effect will be that schools refer kids with gender confusion to those who will affirm their confusion, but parents and churches who try to help them will be criminalised.

The bill is one part of a coordinated campaign by the LGBT lobby to gain access to children and stop counter messages from getting to children. We need to take a warning from the song just released by the San Francisco Gay Men’s choir “We’ll convert your children…we’re coming for your children…”

“A Message From the Gay Community” Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

At the same time LGBT groups are campaigning to hold ‘LGBT pride’ days in local schools; pass resolutions affirming LGBT – as they have done already at universities – and where those who post contrary messages on social media are being forced to undertake ‘sensitivity training’ to accept LGBT. Another part of the campaign is to attack the religious freedom rights of pastors and churches.

The DA LGBTI group has a disproportionate influence on the party

They promise to “we must find ways to tighten legislative loopholes and change cultures. ”

Ask Siviwe Gwarube to withdraw the bill at or or Cellphone 0681130835

Below is the link to the Bill:
ACDP accepts recommendation for local govt elections to be postponed

ACDP accepts recommendation for local govt elections to be postponed

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement
By ACDP President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP

The ACDP would like to commend former Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke on the exceptional work performed under very difficult circumstances and tight timelines in conducting the Inquiry and preparing the Report.

We agree with the various concerns he has expressed relating to the impact that restrictions on political gatherings, health risks, and other Covid-19 regulations, will have on the local government elections.

We accept his recommendation that the elections should be postponed to no later than the end of February 2022, noting that this is the month the ACDP had projected in our submission to the Inquiry as the most suitable time for the postponed elections to take place.

It is also important to note that Moseneke considered the dysfunctional state of many municipalities, and recommended that elections should be held soon, but not at all cost. He was concerned that many lives could be lost if the elections were to be held as scheduled in October 2021.

We appreciate that the Report is not binding on the Electoral Commission, but believe it will in all probability be accepted.

Should this be the case, and should the Electoral Commission succeed with the necessary court application to postpone the elections, the ACDP will then engage with the Commission and other political parties to ensure the elections in February 2022 will be free and fair.

Lastly, the elections should not be postponed beyond the February 2022 date.


For media enquiries please contact: ACDP President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP, Cell: 082-962-5884.

Ramaphosa was too lean on details of exactly how law and order will be restored

Ramaphosa was too lean on details of exactly how law and order will be restored

“The African Christian Democratic Party is very disappointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech last night and we believe that he was too lean on details of exactly how law and order will be restored in parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal after days of violence and looting in some areas of the two provinces. As a law-abiding South African, I am as devastated, disappointed and heartbroken by what we have seen on television and social media. The amount of looting, violence and destruction of property over the last few days is unparalleled. We have not seen anything of this magnitude since the dawn of our new democracy. Because of this destruction of property and looting, many people will suffer from hunger over the next few days and weeks as businesses, malls and stalls, that have been looted and burned, will not have anything left to sell and offer to our people. It was disappointing to see that this morning, after the President deployed the army last night, the looting and violence continue in Alexandra, Soweto, and at Chris Hani Mall near Vosloorus. Where are the police? Where are the soldiers that the president deployed last night? Where specifically have they been deployed to? The ACDP demands that violence and looting be stopped and that all the instigators of violence and criminal activity be brought to book. We want to know where the full might of the law in which the president spoke of last night. We are seeing that violence is escalating and that there are no consequences for these vile acts. The President must stop making empty threats and start acting decisively against lawlessness and violence. I concur with the president that we should all do our best to ensure that there is safety in our communities. As a result of what happened, not only has our economy suffered, but also those in need of medical attention, in the midst of a health pandemic, who could not receive care and attention due to unofficial roadblocks and intimidation to health service workers like EMS. I would have liked to hear more detail from the president on law enforcement matters and what specific steps were to be taken to bring the violence to an end.

It is easy for the president to say that we must work together to restore peace and the rule of law. The ACDP supports this, but in our opinion, he failed to give enough detail on how the government, which is ultimately responsible for maintaining law and order in our communities, is going to do it. My biggest question is: Why was our government caught unprepared to respond? There has been a fair amount of information in circulation on social media in the form of videos and voice notes where some people said that they are going to destabilize the country. When trucks were burned at Mooi River plaza on the N3, in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN), the organisers clearly stated that after KZN they will be going to Gauteng. One would have expected that police and the government in Gauteng would be ready – but again, it seems that the government was not ready. I want to know where was our Intelligence Coordinating Committee? Where was our National Security Council? Where are our Intelligence Officers? These people are being paid and there is a budget to ensure that our intelligence is up to scratch – yet our intelligence seems to be failing us.

The ACDP, among other things, calls on the nation to pray for our country this coming Sunday. What is happening in South Africa is heart-breaking and totally unacceptable! We want specifics from the president, not generalities. We all know that nobody should take the law into their own hands, but what happens when the confrontation between those who want to destroy and loot, and those who stand to protect their property and families, escalate? Will government find those acting in self-defence guilty if there is a loss of life? This is why we want specifics – not generalities.”