ACDP says Africa will benefit from Israel’s new observer status at the AU

ACDP says Africa will benefit from Israel’s new observer status at the AU

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) welcomes the African Union’s (AU) decision to grant Israel observer status. We believe this is a wise decision from which Africa will benefit.

I hasten to remind those who oppose the AU’s decision, that in the 1960s when many African countries had diplomatic relations and strong economic ties with Israel, African countries prospered from their innovation and their monetary currencies were as strong as the US dollar and as a result, their poverty levels were very low.

We applaud the AU for putting the well-being of African people and the economic prospects of their member states before narrow political agendas propelled by what appears to be hatred for the people of Israel.

Africa would benefit from the Israeli ingenuity and innovation in countering the terrorist threat, not least of all in our neighbouring Mozambique.

The ACDP does not agree with the South African government’s opposition as we believe such a position will not improve the economies of African nations as in the 60s.

We love the people of Africa and we want to see them prosper.

We encourage African governments to form stronger economic ties with Israel for the benefit of their people.

Regardless of what the enemies of Israel say, people that have been in Israel, including me, have concluded that there is no apartheid in Israel, and those that continually say so are trivializing the seriousness and inhuman treatment that we suffered under apartheid, South Africa.


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