ACDP questions meagre R500 bail granted to man who violently assaulted JMPD Inspector

ACDP questions meagre R500 bail granted to man who violently assaulted JMPD Inspector

6 September 2021

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement
By Marie Sukers MP

ACDP questions meagre R500 bail granted to the man who violently assaulted JMPD Inspector

“The ACDP notes with deep concern the decision by the Gauteng Magistrates Court to grant R500 bail to the man who assaulted Officer Masuku – a female Johannesburg Metro Police Department Inspector.

We are outraged that the assault was so brutal that Inspector Masuku feared for her life, and suffers the emotional trauma in the aftermath of such violence.

What motivates our statement to be noted today, is the words of Inspector Masuku as recounted in a newspaper article upon hearing of the release on bail of the perpetrator, ”I guess then that means what he did to me was not bad enough”.

For many years, in this country, the protest and outcry against Gender-Based Violence carried the message from women that there is a deafening silence to the slaughter and abuse of women from political leaders and institutions that are meant to protect them. One of the most heart-breaking messages relayed in the march after the death of Uyinene Mrwetyana was the collective expression of not being heard, and how that silence contributes to the cycle of violence against women in this nation.

The ACDP questions the meagre amount of R500 bail granted to the man, who stands accused of violently assaulting Inspector Masuku. While we appreciate that the amount of bail is not punitive and that this may speak to the justice and the protection of rights of the perpetrator in a democratic and free society, what does it convey to the victim? What is the message that is being sent to women in this country? A man can strangle and kick you in public, and still, your right to justice takes a while longer! It is rather unfortunate that the victim now has to be patient until fair and due process plays itself out.

The ACDP, in highlighting this, wants to call for much greater support for victims of violence. We further want to send our prayers and love to Officer Masuku. As a country, we must strive to do better to not malign the victim and protect the perpetrators of violence against women and children!

For media enquiries please contact: Marie Sukers MP, Cell: 062-338-1156.


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