Wits Forced Vaccines

Wits Forced Vaccines

Our legal team has written to the Wits – the University of the Witwatersrand, acting on behalf of the Wits SRC and the #ACDP, regarding the ‘Wits Mandatory Vaccination Framework’.

In the letter they, inter alia:

  • Confirm that they act on behalf of Wits students who are not willing to be named for fear of intimidation, unfair discrimination, and related reprisal;
  • Object that Wits afforded a mere two days to staff, students, senior managers, organised labour, and other constituencies such as our client the ACDP (“affected persons”) to comment;
  • Request details about the decision itself and the various decision-makers;
  • Confirm that “should the undertaking sought not be given by 17:00 on Monday 18 October 2021, kindly note that our clients will have no choice but to seek urgent Court ordered relief, and in all the circumstances an appropriate costs order.”
  • Highlight at least 15 claims Wits makes;
  • Request that Wits provides “any and all scientific and factual proof including all raw data [including but not limited to published scientific papers, recorded research, all claimed tests, relevant statistics, and their sources, the basis of claiming future efficacy on unknown variants, proof of when the vaccines were developed], the exact legislation and labour laws that have or will be complied with and full proof of approval of the vaccines, which has/have been relied on and considered for all these claims.”
  • Request that Wits advises “whether Wits accepts full responsibility for indemnification and payment of damages for and flowing from any and all adverse events, temporary and/or permanent and/or secondary to the vaccination framework/policy? If not, why not? Does the manufacturer accept such liability? If the answer is no to any one of these questions, will those who vaccinate on account of the framework/policy have any recourse in terms of reasonable compensation?”

We await a reply from Wits.

#NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccineApartheid #NoVaccineMandates #NoVaccineDompas


To read / download the full letter on pdf, please click here: