The ACDP strongly condemns the violence at Moses Mabhida Stadium after the Kaiser Chiefs' shock 2-0 defeat to the Free State Stars.

The reported brutal assault of a female security official was not only shocking but totally unacceptable.

It seems that a culture of violence and brutal attacks on women is now entrenching itself in South Africa and government does not seem to be doing enough to stop it.

During the 5th Parliament, a female security official employed by Parliament was also brutally assaulted and kicked by some Members of Parliament while she was on the floor. To date, no-one has been arrested or charged on this matter.

When one looks at the violent protests in Mahikeng, and protests happening in other provinces, one can easily conclude that stealing, killing and the destruction of property are becoming a norm in our country and there seems to be no consequences for these actions.

The ACDP calls on government to inform the nation why it is so soft on criminality in our country. If there is no will to stop violent crime, perhaps it is time for South Africans to start thinking about a new Godly government that will punish the wicked in our society.

23 April 2018