ACDP calls for urgent intervention and easing of red tape in the ongoing energy crisis

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement
Speech by ACDP Parliamentary Whip, Steve Swart MP

ACDP calls for urgent intervention and easing of red tape in the ongoing energy crisis

The ACDP calls for urgent intervention in the energy crisis, including easing the red tape for emergency power procurement, scrapping the 100MW ceiling on distributed generation projects, and bringing in of experienced engineers and technicians.

ACDP MP and Whip Steve Swart has called for urgent intervention in the ongoing energy crisis, including the easing of red tape to speed up private sector renewable energy investment.

“The ACDP shares deep concerns about the ongoing energy crisis which, with up to 6 hours of load-shedding per day, has had a devastating impact on households, communities, and businesses, and will detrimentally affect economic growth and job creation prospects. With load-shedding costing the economy between R1bn and R1,5bn per day, there are valid concerns that the country’s economy could face a technical recession.

South Africans are rightfully fed-up and demand urgent action to solve the energy crisis.

Eskom has had to deal with not only state capture and corruption, and more recently internal sabotage and cable theft, but also illegal strike action, the latter which, according to Eskom, has resulted in stage 6 load-shedding. The illegal strike action, accompanied by intimidation, assault and damage to infrastructure, must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, with those implicated facing the full might of the law.

Clearly, however, much more needs to be done to solve the ongoing energy crisis.

One of the solutions is to expedite private sector renewable energy investment to add new generation capacity. Private sector renewable energy investment has, however, been constrained by delays in regulatory approvals.

The ACDP calls for the easing of red tape for emergency power procurement. Sufficient measures must, however, be put in place to ensure that such a step does not facilitate corruption or any other irregularities in the procurement of emergency power from independent power producers.

In addition, we support the scrapping of the 100MW ceiling on distributed generation projects, which, we believe, will lead to further much-needed private sector investment. We also support the bringing in of experienced engineers and technicians who have the appropriate skills, many of whom have offered to assist.

These steps will go a long way to address the energy crisis and assist South Africans already furious at the ongoing blackouts and the impact on their personal lives and businesses.”


Issued by: ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

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