ACDP statement on 3% increase for POB’s

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement
By ACDP President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP

Statement on 3% increase for POB’s

The African Christian Democratic Party notes that President Cyril Ramaphosa has accepted recommendations to increase the salaries of politicians and other government officials by 3%. These recommendations were made by the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office-Bearers, applying to all categories of public office-bearers, including ministers and their deputies, premiers, MECs, MPs, MPLs, traditional leaders and judges.

In a meeting held by the National Executive Committee of the ACDP on Monday, 20 June 2022, the NEC took a decision to call for the increased remuneration of Public Office Bearers to be placed on hold until such time that our economy improves.

The ACDP is not unsympathetic to the needs of Public Office Bearers, who like millions of other workers have gone without salary increases for at least two years, while inflation has continued to grow during this period.

Furthermore, the ACDP is cognizant of the economic challenges facing our nation, such as low GDP growth, a high debt to GDP ratio, massive unemployment, inconsistent energy supply (ESKOM), collapsing SOE’s and Municipalities, across the country, to mention a few.

It is against this background that the NEC of the ACDP has made the call to halt the 3% increase of POB’s.


Issued by: ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

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