ACDP statement on weekend tavern killings

ACDP Parliament
Media Statement
By ACDP Deputy President, Wayne Thring MP

ACDP statement on weekend tavern killings

The ACDP calls for swift action to be taken by all crime fighting agencies, against perpetrators of the gruesome mass killings at taverns, occurring most weekends over the last two months.

It cannot become a norm, where every weekend we wake up to news that lives of ordinary South Africans have been lost due to mass shootings by anonymous killers.

We have seen these in almost all of our provinces, and in recent times, an increase in KZN and Gauteng.

Having said that, the ACDP believes that inaction or slow-paced interventions by SAPS and other crime fighting units is tacit support for the criminals. This adds to the negative perception or outlook of South Africa overall and drives away desperately needed foreign and domestic investment.

The ACDP calls on all role players and all stake holders, from the President down to grassroots, to come together in dealing with this scourge. It cannot be that our crime fighting units remain reactive. By so doing, more lives are lost and one life lost, is one too many.

As we head into the weekend, the ACDP calls on our communities to be more vigilant, to cooperate with our crime fighting units and to minimize risk. This is the time for us to stand as our brother’s keeper.

It is our prayer that God blesses South Africa and her people!


Issued by: ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

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