Last week the African Christian Democratic Party noted the findings in the report by the Public Protector on allegations of maladministration by NECSA which stated that the Public Protector was unable to conclude whether the conduct of the NECSA constituted maladministration.

Commenting further today, ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley said, “The ACDP has previously called on government for an inquiry into NECSA and the nuclear industry in South Africa, and now calls on Parliament and the committees of Energy, Public Enterprises and Labour, to initiate a broad-based inquiry - similar to the Eskom inquiry - into corruption, mismanagement, and lack of accountability in the sector”.

Dudley says, “The ACDP is of the opinion that government’s stated commitment to scrutinising state-owned entities is in question in this regard. Parliament’s role of oversight of the Executive therefore demands that urgent attention be given this matter.

Overlooking the allegations regarding South Africa’s nuclear entities holds untold risks and potentially far-reaching consequences.

The ACDP also notes that the report by the Public Protector will be taken to the High Court for Judicial Review and that the citizen's nuclear opposition group, the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy, (CANE), have described the report as a travesty of justice, which has let NECSA, the National Nuclear Regulator, the Compensation Fund, and the Department of Labour entirely off the hook.”

Dudley added that, “The report in which the Public Protector stopped short of ensuring justice for former workers in the nuclear industry has been described as incompetent, legally misguided, and biased.  It is important that justice is not only done but is seen to be done and this will necessitate acknowledgement where mismanagement has occurred and taking responsibility in terms of compensation”.

18 June 2018