The African Christian Democratic Party today called on all Christian leaders to condemn actions of pastors who lie and deceive their congregants while claiming to serve God.

“I call on all ministers of the gospel, who have received theological training, to reprimand these out-of-order individuals who are making a mockery of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said ACDP President, Reverend Kenneth Meshoe.

The call by Rev Meshoe follows a recent video of Pastor Alph Lukau, of Alleluia Ministries, who is allegedly bringing a ‘dead’ man back to life during a church service.

“What Alph Lukau is seen doing in the video is nothing but deception and manipulation of the highest order, and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

“I watched the video a few times, and I could clearly see that the whole thing was staged. Claims that the man was dead for three days are blatant lies and fraud that must be investigated by the police. The man who was supposedly ‘resurrected’ looked healthy and lively. South African Church leaders must find a way of stopping fraud and occultic practices taking place in some churches in our country.

“These self-styled pastors and prophets appear to be seeking cheap publicity, and as such, are making a mockery of the Christian faith. Kings and Queens Funeral Services should be encouraged to proceed with legal action which they have threatened to take against Alph Lukau and other fraudsters in the video. People like him, who take advantage of innocent and vulnerable people, belong behind bars and not in the pulpit,” Meshoe said.

Kings and Queens Funeral Services claim that they were approached by alleged family members who informed them that they had encountered a dispute with a different funeral home and wanted to use its transport.

According to news reports, the company says it did not store the deceased at its mortuary and no paperwork was processed by them.


26 February 2019