The ACDP is shocked by the increasing acts of lawlessness in the country and very disappointed at government’s failure to curb crime.

About two weeks ago, we saw municipal workers on strike in Durban using graders and other earth-moving machinery damaging roads while the police stood by watching, and did nothing.

Every week, violent protests take place, properties are destroyed, and government remains unresponsive, like lame ducks.

Last week, a Member of Parliament was shot dead, allegedly during a botched hijacking attempt in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

This past weekend, three more farmers were brutally murdered across the country. The latest statistics on farm murders show that since 2012, there have been 3,059 attacks on farms.

The ACDP believes that targeting food producers, which includes farmers and farm labourers, is tantamount to targeting the livelihood of our nation. This we strongly condemn!

The ACDP reiterates our call for the restoration of farm commandos and rural security forces to increase the presence of security on farms and smallholdings, as we believe that current security measures are insufficient and leaves our food producers vulnerable.

The ACDP wishes to convey our condolences to the families of those farmers who lost their lives, families whose daughters and granddaughters who have been brutally raped and murdered, and other innocent members of our communities who have become victims of violent crime.

“Enough is enough! The murder of the innocent must stop!”

26 June 2018