ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe today labeled Julius Malema’s claim that the EFF is ready for war as foolish.

Malema recently said that his party is ready to go war over the issue of land.

Meshoe took to twitter saying that “Black South Africans must not be fooled by Julius Malema who claims he’s ready for war. He’s surrounded by bodyguards who’ll whisk him away and hide him from danger if war does take place. Peace loving South Africans must speak out against Malema and all those calling for war”.

The ACDP leader says that, “While the ACDP appreciates the need for land reform and restitution, we believe it must be done orderly, legally and fairly. Justice and constitutional provisions cannot be overlooked when expropriating land. We also understand the need for nation-building, peace and reconciliation. We thus oppose any proposal to amend the Constitution.

“The EFF need to understand that true economic freedom can be achieved more by innovation, industry and productivity, and not by radicalism, hatred and rebellion.”


27 August 2018