ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today expressed alarm at the reports of the violent extremist attacks on Christian villages in northern Mozambique.

Dudley said, “The ACDP is alarmed and saddened at the situation and we add our voice to Heidi Baker's plea for prayer for the people of northern Mozambique. The reports of people being raped and murdered by Muslim extremists are deeply concerning and the ACDP calls on government to urgently call for SADC and AU intervention and the deployment of troops to the area.”

Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries, has been living in Mozambique for 24 years.  She called for urgent prayer for people whose villages have been burned and for those under attack as she has been forced out if the area. Reports say 23 civilians have been decapitated and at least 230 houses have been burnt in the past three weeks.

In response to reports that the militancy appears to have arisen among young men who received scholarships to train in Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, Mr Yussuf Adam, contemporary history professor at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo said: social and economic stresses in Cabo Delgado could be the reason the militants’ message of achieving justice through the establishment of an Islamic state has found resonance among huge segments of the youth in areas where there are high rates of unemployment.

Dudley says, "The ACDP calls on the South African government to respond without delay in making aid and peacekeeping forces available to the Mozambique government for purposes of responding decisively and effectively with the terror tactics of extremists.

We also call on the South African government to step up vigilance with regard to extremist activity in South Africa as the extremist vision of caliphate is global and South Africa is not exempt.”

11 June 2018