ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today said that, “The ACDP notes the findings in the report by the Public Protector on allegations of maladministration by NECSA, which states that the Public Protector was unable to conclude whether the conduct of the NECSA constitutes maladministration.


“We acknowledge the value of this investigation. The need to follow due process in matters of compensation claims is of utmost importance for the health and safety of workers generally but even more so where exposure to nuclear activity is involved. Investigations into the death of a worker should be prioritised in the interests of all workers.

“The ACDP calls on the Group CEO of NECSA to ensure the remedial action plan is made public as soon as possible and that timelines are adhered to in actioning the plan.

The ACDP also notes that NNR and NECSA are to pay for all specialist medical costs to investigate further and to evaluate compliance with respect to admin and registers. We welcome the Public Protector’s commitment to monitoring the remedial action within one month and every 3 months thereafter.”

15 June 2018