Last Friday, the North Gauteng High Court issued a ruling against the Dutch Reformed Church, setting aside the Church’s decision not to recognise same sex ministers in the church.

The ACDP regrets this ruling. The Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion. A fundamental Christian tenet is that believers do not commit sin, including sexual sins such as homosexuality, fornication and adultery. This stance is one of the cornerstones of the morals espoused in our Christian faith.

In view of this, we submit that the right not to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation is justifiably limited in terms of Section 36 of the Constitution.

Effectively, ruling in favour of same sex marriages in the Church amounts to regulation by an arm of the State - in this case, the Court - on sacred affairs of the church that cannot be compromised.

We encourage the Dutch Reform Church to appeal until the matter reaches the highest court.

The ACDP is prepared to support a petition to the Supreme Court of Appeal and if necessary, the Constitutional Court, by applying to join in this application as anamicus curiae to make submissions of behalf of Christians.

15 March 2019