The Select Committee on Economic and Business Development deliberated and finalised the Labour Laws Amendment Bill yesterday (Tuesday, August 7).

The Bill has now passed through both the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) and will now go to the office of President Cyril Ramaphosa to be signed into law.

ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley this morning thanked everyone who contributed to the successful passage of this bill.

“I would just like to thank members of Parliament, especially the chairperson and members of both the Select Committee on Economic and Business Development and the Portfolio Committee on Labour for the work done in interrogating the relevance and suitability of this Bill - and for ensuring its passage through Parliament into law.

The legal services at Parliament - in particular Desiree Swartz , the mastermind who worked on the drafting, and Michael Prince, who has so competently advised the NCOP on legal issues through this last phase - have my gratitude and admiration- thank you for the excellent work done!

COSATU, workers around the country, mothers and fathers to be, as well as the media - who highlighted the need and recognised the benefit for families when fathers and adoptive parents are able to bond with the new additions to their families. This victory is another step toward realising a truly shared future. Our hope and expectation is that it will strengthen families and help build a strong and healthy nation. I am most grateful of course to my father God for the privilege of working with you all on this awesome project and the promise it holds for so many”, she said.

The Labour Laws Amendment Bill provides that:

- An employee who is a parent and who is not entitled to maternity leave, is entitled to ten consecutive days parental leave when that employee’s child is born or when an adoption order is granted.

- An employee who is an adoptive parent of a child who is less than two years is entitled to adoption leave of two months and two weeks consecutively. If there are two adoptive parents, one of the employees is entitled to adoption leave and the other employee is entitled to parental leave. The same provision is made for commissioning parents in a surrogate motherhood agreement.

The bill also sets out the requirements for the right to parental, adoption and commissioning parental benefits as well as when the entitlements commence and provides for the application for benefits and the payment thereof.


8 August 2018