Responding to the fatal stabbing of a 24-year-old teacher by a learner in the North West and the pointing of a gun at a teacher by a learner in Gauteng, ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley today said that: “The response to the shockingly violent incidents taking place in our schools is inadequate”.

Dudley said, “The ACDP sends heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr Gadimang Daniel Mokolobate, the school, and the community.  This is another tragic sign of our times and the result of super-liberal policies being imposed on society - a society that knows the value of teaching discipline and respect for life.

“The ACDP calls on the people of South Africa to consider the terrible repercussions we are facing by not standing our ground and ensuring our leaders understand the basic principles of human nature and what happens when it goes unchecked.  We can only do this by voting our values in 2019.  Our young people and children have been short changed at the hands and whims of super-liberals and their policies which lead to death and destruction.”

Other incidents in schools include learners being searched by police and found with illegal drugs and explicit videos made by learners and circulated on social media.

18 000 schools have been paired with police stations as part of a protocol between the SAPS and Education and the department of Basic Education is calling for a symposium with SAPS, Department of Social Development and School Governing Body organisations.

“This is all very well however pending legislation is set to further undermine governing bodies and further remove parents from important decisions regarding the education of their children. The only sense of urgency seems to be a focus on disempowering parents and undermining any remaining avenues for parental authority”, Dudley said.

“With this in mind the Minister’s call on parents to address the issue makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time”, Dudley said.  “We will continue to appeal to our parents”, Minister Motshekga said, “to be more involved in the lives of their children and to...speak to them and warn them about these social ills and the dangers...(p)arents need to ensure that learners do not go to school with guns or weapons.”

Provinces have reported a number of incidents of child abductions. The Western Cape Department of Education reported 3 confirmed abductions all found and returned to their families, one abduction where the learner was found dead four days later and an additional 16 reports of attempted abductions. In KZN the tragic abduction and murder of Miguel Louw has also lead to an increased focus on learner safety.

“The ACDP calls on the department to ensure an increased police cooperation and presence in the vicinity of schools at times when there is the more risk.  We also remind parents of the need to be vigilant when dropping off and fetching learners from school.

“The ACDP sends condolences to the families and communities of the two young children who passed away from suspected food poisoning in Gauteng; the tragic death of 6 learners in Mpumalanga who were involved in a horrific road accident, the death of a learner who drowned in a school swimming pool in KwaZulu-Natal and the boys involved in the fatal abductions”, Dudley said.


17 September 2018