ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley, in the wake of the 2017/2018 crime statistics, today said that, “Too many communities in SA are war zones, and that 50 to 60 murders a day or 20 000 a year does not paint a picture of a civilised, society in a time of peace.”

Dudley who is a member of the Portfolio Committee on Social Development and on International Relations said, “We react to civil war and child soldiers in other countries but cannot see what is happening right under our noses. Too many people are living under conditions of civil war in their communities and children as young as five years of age carry guns and carry out gang related activities.

“South Africa is a nation at war with itself and police are proving over and over again to be incapable of getting on top of the situation.   The lack of reporting by communities is not a reflection of less crime - it is a symptom of the lack of trust in the police in their area. It is sheer despair, in the face of obvious intimidation of police by warlords and crime syndicates - and by rogue police from within. If it is so obvious to communities why is it not obvious to the professionals within SAPS and the Ministry?”

The crime statistics presented at Parliament by the Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, on Tuesday 11 September 2018, covered the twelve month period, 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.   The crime statistics are available on the website of the South African Police Service -

“The ACDP calls on President Ramaphosa to use his authority to activate the SANDF to assist the SAPS in these well-known hotspots. People are saying they want to see action, not reports,” Dudley said.

To quote a constituent: “Our soldiers are trained and deployed on peacekeeping missions in various African countries...during these missions they are required to assist the local police to maintain law and order in these countries. Why, can't we deploy our soldiers to perform the same function back home and assist in stabilising our communities, in the short term?”


17 September 2018