ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today said that “the ACDP joins many others in welcoming the 12-year sentence of a man in the southern Cape for possession of child pornography.”

40-year-old Tyrone James from Wilderness was arrested on a drug charge at a roadblock in March 2016 and, during a search of his house, more than 56,000 images of child pornography were found on his computer.

Dudley says that, “it is not just child pornography that increases the harm being done to our children, it is unfettered access to adult pornography that is making our children more vulnerable and placing them in horrendous situations.

“Pornography use is rife in South Africa. We are in the top 20 users in the world and number one in the world for accessing pornography via smart phones.  At the same time sexual violence in South Africa continues unabated with mostly adult males abusing and violating women and children.

“Despite the volumes of research and scientific evidence showing that pornography use is a cause of sexual violence, government is turning a deaf ear and blind eye in terms of adult pornography and its effects on children. Seemingly the multi-billion dollar industry has a stranglehold on us which needs to be broken.

“The ACDP appreciates the increased zero-tolerance approach to child pornography, but is once again calling on government to do a full-scale investigation into the public health costs and social consequences of adults’ use of and exposure to pornography across South Africa.”

9 July 2018