ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley today said that the ACDP welcomes news of the signing into law of these historic pro-worker laws.

We congratulate COSATU on these victories that will benefit millions of workers and recognize this is the result of decades of struggle by workers’ representatives. It has been an honor and a privilege for me to have been instrumental through the Labour Laws Amendment Bill in adding to this victory.

COSATU and its affiliate unions, it’s almost two million members, and their millions of family members congratulated Parliament for having ensured the smooth and speedy passage of the National Minimum Wage, BCEA, LRA and LLA Amendment Acts and the federation applauded Cheryllyn Dudley for responding as she did to COSATU’s call for paid parental and adoption leave and drafting her private member’s bill, the LLA.

The National Minimum Wage and Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Acts will see the wages of almost half of all workers or 6.4 million rise. They will see farm and domestic workers’ wages fast tracked to the NMW within 2 years. This will be a major cash injection into workers’ pockets and thus a badly stimulus in the local economy. Employers who don’t comply will face escalating fines unless they applied for and qualified for exemptions.

The Labour Relations Amendment Act will see collective agreements extended to outsourced workers where unions are deemed sufficiently representative but not yet 51%. It will see workers’ rights to picket and strike strengthened and protected and the advisory arbitration role of the CCMA strengthened where recalcitrant employers refuse to negotiate with workers.

The Labour Laws Amendment Act will see that workers now have the right to 10 days paid parental and paternity leave when one’s child is born and 10 weeks adoption leave when legally adopting a child aged two years and younger.

It will see UIF benefits for workers losing their jobs increase from 8 to 12 months.   It will see women covered by maternity leave when having a still born birth or third trimester miscarriage. It will see maternity leave payments increase from 54% to 66% of salaries within the thresholds. This will see billions of rands released from the UIF into workers’ hands and thus spur local economic growth. It will see UIF protection extended to public servants and a healthy boost to the UIF through their contributions. This will allow further future expansion of access to the UIF and its protections for workers. This is critical in an economic recession where thousands are being retrenched.

“The ACDP echoes calls for departments to ensure the smooth implementation ?on 1 January 2019”, Dudley said.


23 November 2018