ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley today said that “The ACDP welcomes the passing of Labour Laws Amendment Act in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) yesterday afternoon that will significantly impact on workers and their families”.

The National Minimum Wage, Labour Laws, Labour Relations and Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Acts were adopted at 15:00h yesterday in Parliament’s NCOP.

This was the final step in the parliamentary processes for this historic pro-worker legislation.

COSATU today recognised the contribution of President Cyril Ramaphosa to the legislation and said, “We would also like to thank Ms Cheryllyn Dudley MP, for responding positively to COSATU’s call for parental leave and drafting her Private Member’s Bill, the LLA”.

The Labour Laws Amendment Act provides:

  • for workers to have the right to 10 days paid parental and paternity leave when their child is born and 10 weeks adoption leave when legally adopting a child 2 years and younger;
  • that UIF benefits for workers losing their jobs will increase from 8 to 12 months;
  • that women will be eligible for maternity leave when having a still born birth or third trimester miscarriage;
  • for maternity leave payments to increase from 54% to 66% of salaries.

“The ACDP calls on President Ramaphosa and the Department of Labour to ensure that all relevant administrative issues are dealt with speedily and that the long awaited legislation is not only signed into law but implemented without delay.

“These Acts of Parliament are expected to come into effect no later than 1 October 2018.  Workers have waited a long time for this relief and I know, particularly with regard to increased maternity benefits, parental (paternity) leave and adoption leave that young families have been anxiously awaiting implementation”, Dudley said.


22 August 2018