The ACDP welcomes the decision by the Presiding Officers of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa to accede to the request of the African Christian Democratic Party and postpone the State of the Nation Address (SONA) as a result of political uncertainty.

We are grateful that they allowed common sense to prevail, and correctly assess the mood in our country.

The second challenge we face as the opposition, is to ensure that the current State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, does not deliver the 2018 State of the Nation Address. We believe any leader in the ANC, particularly the Deputy President, qualifies to do so.

The best and right thing Mr Zuma should do now is to resign as State President.

We believe it will be easier to fight corruption and restore investor confidence once Jacob Zuma is out of the highest office in the land. Without effectively tackling corruption we do not look attractive to foreign investors who can assist us to bring down the high levels of unemployment in South Africa.

For this to happen, Mr Zuma needs to go!

6 February 2018

WATCH: ACDP reacts to 2018 SONA postponement