"Ladies and gentlemen

Thank you for joining us today to officially welcome to the African Christian Democratic Party, Ms Vytjie Mentor, a former Member of Parliament and parliamentary Caucus Chairperson for the African National Congress. Ms Mentor also served as Chairperson on Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises, and was a member of Committees for Justice and Intelligence.

Ms Mentor is probably best known for her tremendous courage in speaking out against state capture and corruption within the ANC, and more particularly their cosy relationship with the Gupta family. She brings to the ACDP a wealth of experience in governance and an incredible passion to serve and do what is in the best interest of all South Africans. The ACDP strives to have leaders of integrity and is committed to efficient, accountable and honest governance. Ms Mentor has certainly shown that she exemplifies these qualities and it is my absolute pleasure to have her on board.

I will be inviting Ms Mentor will make a brief statement shortly. 

However, before I introduce Ms Mentor, I would like to announce an upcoming protest march that is planned for Wednesday 10 April 2019 in Pretoria. The march is being held in support of Ms Gugu Ncube and all women who experience sexual harassment and gender abuse. It was reported among other things, that Ms Gugu Ncube was fired after laying a complaint against her boss at Unisa for making sexual advances on her. While as a Party, we do not support public displays of nudity, Ms Ncube must have felt that she had no other recourse available to her in order to highlight her extreme frustration and disappointment at not being heard. We maintain that Ms Ncube should not have been arrested for her protest, particularly given the fact that Cape Town had just hosted its 10th Naked Bike Ride (9 March 2019), where no one was arrested for public indecency. No person, it seems, wanted to help Ms Ncube when she tried to voice what had happened to her, and she is not alone in this.

The ACDP wants to march against sexual harassment and rape that is rife in South Africa. We hear many stories of how sex has become a bargaining tool for better marks, or promotion — and even for houses. How many times do we hear of teachers granting better grades for sexual favours?

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of politicians abusing their power in this way. Let’s remember Kwezi and the many other women who were not heard, and have received no justice in their time of greatest need and loss of dignity and respect.  It is time to give them a voice. It is time to take a stand against sexual harassment and rape, especially for the most vulnerable, women, young girls and young boys.

So, on the 10th April, I would like to encourage all South Africans to take a stand and march with us against sexual abuse.

The exact time and place of the march will be communicated in due course."

ACDP Press Conference, Parliament
28 March 2019