ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley responded to the shocking news of the Gugulethu Fire Station in Cape Town being set alight by protestors in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Dudley said that “this is shockingly thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour. A strong, clear message must be sent to others considering ways to express their frustrations in a similar fashion, that not only destroys public property, but endangers the lives of others. The culprits must be apprehended and face the consequences of their actions which placed so many other lives in danger, including the elderly and children in crisis who could have urgently needed the services provided by these firemen and women”.

The front of the fire station sustained severe damage, including the watch room, engine bay doors and the security entrance gate.

“The ACDP would expect that a facility like this fire station would have cameras which will have caught the perpetrators on the premises.  We are calling on the City of Cape Town to make the details regarding the security in place in such facilities known to the public who rely on these services. We are also calling for immediate action with regard to arrests and prosecution, as well as information regarding arrest last night”, Dudley added.

12 June 2018