ACDP Deputy President, Councillor Wayne Thring, said in Johannesburg today that "the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has taken a decision to oppose the introduction of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) into the curriculum of our South African Schools."

This decision was taken at its Federal Council of Provinces (FCOP) meeting held over this weekend (20-21 July 2018) in Johannesburg.

The Department of Education has used the high rate of teenage pregnancies as its rationale for wanting to introduce CSE into the South African schools curriculum in an attempt to reduce teenage pregnancies.

"The ACDP has consistently opposed the current government campaign on teenage sexuality, which includes the lowering of the age of sexual consent, the lowering of the age at which girls may have abortions without parental permission, and the roll out of condoms and other contraceptives to our school children, again, without parental consent. The ACDP has also repeatedly stated that the responsibility for educating children, which includes educating them on matters of sexuality, lies primarily with parents and not the state.

It is the belief of the ACDP that the blame for the high rate of teenage pregnancies, and in particular of those still at school, lies at the feet of the ruling party. Why? Our children have been exposed by government to pornography at early ages and this includes the proliferation of child pornography, which is on the increase. In addition, the handing out of condoms and other contraceptives to our school children has over the years only served to entice children to engage in early, and sometimes risky, sexual experimentation.

The view of the ACDP is that CSE is nothing short of lessons to our school children on immoral sexual behaviour."

Some of the core philosophies of CSE with which the ACDP vehemently disagrees include that "children and adults should have regular sexual experiences either alone or with persons of either gender. A right to sexual pleasure, even at the youngest of ages is a primary right that trumps other rights. Children have privacy and confidentiality rights that trump the rights of parents to guide their education in the area of human sexuality. Most societal sexual and gender norms, especially those based on religious beliefs are unhealthy, repressive and should be changed."

Thring concluded: "this is nothing more than a sexual, social engineering experiment with our children as the guinea pigs."

The ACDP calls on all parents, civic and religious bodies to reject the introduction of this reprehensible CSE agenda into our school curriculum."

21 July 2018