As we approach Mandela Day and celebrate Mandela’s life and legacy, ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley visited the Ray of Sunshine House on a smallholding in the Atlantis area in Cape Town where children in need have been taken in and integrated into a family.

The house is also a Ray of Sunshine Horse Haven that gives a loving home to retired and unwanted horses and with whom the children can develop a symbiotic relationship as their hurts are healed.

At the home there are 17 children. “We treat them all as our own; the same rules apply to them as our own children and for the period they are with us we do not think of them as anything but our own. We want them to excel and be all that which God wants them to be,” says Merle Ray, who runs the home.

Dudley says that “the ACDP has great admiration for people who open their arms and their homes to be there for children who would otherwise not have a family to love them. The ACDP is profoundly and proactively pro-family and pro-children, recognising children’s need for a mother and a father in a functional, loving family as the best refuge and learning experience for children where they can develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and authentic manner.

“We see healthy families as the building blocks of a strong, value-based society and support programmes, activities and initiatives that seek to strengthen and promote strong healthy families. We applaud Merle Ray and all who sow into the Ray of Sunshine Children’s Home for this wonderful initiative. Integrating horses and children is a novel and brilliant idea, as experts say that horses are the finest mood altering drug for those they motivate, and have only positive side effects.”

Those working with the children say “children dealing with emotional trauma bond with the horses, who are in recovery themselves, and help each other heal”.

“The ACDP is committed to implementing policies that facilitate the funding of homes like this one that provides a safe, healthy environment for those in need of care”, Dudley added.

Those who want to open their hearts to the Ray of Sunshine home are welcome contact Merle Ray on 021-5723222.

To view a list of their needs go to:

17 July 2018