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Helping a community to fight for services, battling a legal case for the community, or if it’s just getting the required seats in parliament requires support from people. Without the documents, legal letters, council meetings, posters, t-shirts we are not able to reach all required people to change how councils functions, who will help us fight those battles, or how many people we can reach to get the required seats to be the change in our city and country. Your support is needed in faith and prayer, in person, financially, and even online.

  • Support us in faith and in prayer:
    Intercede and pray for the ACDP and the doors to be opened to allow us to lead and be change agents in South Africa.
  • Support us in person:
    To make a change in a country a group of people united under one banner need to step out in person and make their voices heard by speaking to people about the ACDP, attending branch meetings, attending rallies, making branch votes and understanding the political process of democracy in South Africa starts with taking part otherwise those who will take part will rule.
  • Support us financially:
    No matter who you are, it still takes money to rule a country or even to change it, the difference is who you choose to lead. The ACDP is the only political party in South Africa with a history of clean audits. This proves that we are accountable and transparent when it comes to financing.
  • Support us online:
    Log onto our various social media accounts and like, share, retweet, link in, connect or just snap those messages and engage with the various social media platforms. The more people engage on these online platforms the more our social media platforms are raised in other people’s timelines.

We encourage you to find your support platform and engage with us and with the people around you so that we can be the change in our country in Jesus’ name.

Help us bring change to South Africa

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