The African Christian Democratic Party encourages South Africans to have their say and SIGN THE PETITION below regarding the health regulations meant to manage COVID-19 and other notifiable conditions outside of a national state of disaster.

The submission deadline for public comment is Friday, 5 August 2022.

The Department of Health’s decision to extend the deadline was made to afford all those who could not meet the previous deadline to finalise their views and representations.

The ACDP opposes this communist style dictatorship which will allow the Minister of Health to have the power to declare a pandemic or force a lockdown and compel citizens to take a vaccine/medication at any time without any consensus from the border medical community.

Even more bizarre is the following:

Anyone opposing the Minister of Health for violating their constitutional right can be locked up for ten years or taken by force (by the police) to a camp to be given treatment without consent.

Please help us defend the constitutional right of every South African by SIGNING THIS PETITION objecting this Draconian amendment.

Yours sincerely,

MP Wayne Thring
ACDP Deputy President