"President, the ACDP shares concerns and is extremely concerned about allegations of malfeasance, corruption and gross abuse of State resources at both Crime Intelligence and the State Security Agency. While we welcome the review panel that you are instituting, clearly there is nothing to prevent investigation and prosecution on the basis of those allegations at this stage.

Would you agree that those investigations should continue and that steps should be taken to investigate those authorities such as IPID and other police officials that might be intimidated both from Crime Intelligence and the State Security Agency from doing their jobs in eradicating these 'rotten apples' from these institutions?


"I am able to confirm that the review panel that is going to be set up is going to get involved in – as I have already said – reviewing the mandate particularly of our intelligence service. But that does not prevent any investigations already underway from proceeding. If there are any investigations that have commenced, we will say they should go ahead because, if there has been wrong-doing, we would say that that wrong-doing needs to be addressed and those who are found to have participated in wrong-doing, should, indeed be dealt with. So, there is no prevention whatsoever to investigations that have already commenced from proceeding.

The review panel will be reviewing the mandate, the effectiveness, the systems and the structures of our intelligence agency and once it has come out with a report, we will then be able to see the extent to which that state agency needs to be recalibrated, to be reformed, and if it requires restructuring, how we will be able to do that so that we reposition it to serve the interests of the people of South Africa in the most effective way in terms of our Constitution.

Thank you very much."

National Assembly Questions to the Deputy President in response to question by Ms D Carter (Cope): "Whether, in the interests of transparency, accountability, responsibility, the rule of law and the best interests of the country, he will establish a commission of inquiry into the alleged serious dysfunction, malfeasance, corruption and gross abuse of resources of the State, including financial resources, for wrongful ends within the Crime Intelligence Division of the SA Police Service and the State Security Agency; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?"
8 May 2018

WATCH: Protect those investigating corruption at Crime Intelligence and SSA