In Economy


The ACDP wants all South Africans to enjoy a peaceful and crime-free society; a substantially lower uniform tax rate; marked improvement in the value of the Rand; greater employment and self-employment opportunities; sustained high growth rates for the South African economy; and improved quality of life, especially for the poor.

The ACDP is therefore committed to:

  • reducing government debt and spending;
  • job creation and economic growth through an open-market policy with as little government interference as possible;
  • becoming competitive in the global economy and global markets;

lowering inflation;

  • state enterprises operating in open competition with private providers; and
  • doing away with complicated tax forms, laws and expensive monitoring

The ACDP will place the elimination of inflation at the top of its list of economic priorities that are aimed at achieving a rapidly growing economy.

State-owned enterprises will be required to operate in open competition with private providers. They will ensure their continued existence by providing a superior service to the public.