The ACDP promotes, upholds and defends Christian family values.

The family institution

The family is an institution worthy of nurturing and protecting. It is the ideal setting for teaching a child about Godly authority, obedience and love which are the foundations for a strong nation. (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)

Where these elements are missing, delinquency, crime and violence usually occur.

Apartheid institutionalized the separation of families with the most devastating results. It caused fatherless children, broken wives, abject poverty and indiscriminate crime to become the norm. The ACDP strongly believes that anything which is a threat to the family, is a threat to society.

Steps must be taken in maintaining the family unit as the strongest building block of society.

The ACDP commitment

We, the ACDP, acknowledge God as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, Who has entrusted unto humanity the right and responsibility to rule over the affairs of the world.

The ACDP commits itself to this nation to uphold a leadership of integrity and Godly character, and to administer its task with a prudent spirit.

We adhere to a moral philosophy that is based upon the Word of God, and measure the interpretation of our policies against the prerequisites of biblical standards.